Laganas Beach

Location: The main beach, Laganas, Zante
Activites: Boat parites, pedaloes, watersports, banana boat

Immerse yourself in the dazzling display of crystal clear waters, eternal sunshine and beautiful beaches that this erotic paradise on earth has to offer. Fancy a swim? 5 kilometers of velvety golden sand kissing cozy warm waters beckons on the most popular and cosmopolitan beach the island has to offer, Laganas.

A member of the National Marine Park, this beach is home to the famous endangered Caretta sea turtles - which can be viewed on boats and jet skis! A winning combination of exquisite bars, taverns, restaurants, and shops are a short walk away. This is the youngest and liveliest beach in Zante full of awesome people ready to have fun at a moment’s notice! Enjoy tourist facilities like boat trips, volleyball, and sun shades. Be sure to take a dip in the warm and comfortably shallow waters with your friends. And if that’s not enough, Zante hosts numerous other beaches that share their own stories as well…




Navagio Beach

Location: North Zante
Activites: Swiming, Shipwreck, Boat Trips Daily

Ranked number one in the top 10 attractions to visit in Zante, this picturesque place is known as the Shipwreck Beach. It is accessible only by sea, which may give you an idea of how vast it is. Hosting a shipwreck, the beach looks like something right out of a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ set! There are millions of shiny blue pebbles lying on the beach making it seem like a masterpiece from an artist’s sketchbook. The waters of the beach radiate with dazzling shades of light blue which result from the surrounding Sulphur caves.

This makes for beautiful panoramic photos you can take from a park on the top hills of the beach. To visit Navagio, you will have to catch a short daily taxi-boat ride from the close bay of Aghios Nikolaos or Porto Vromi. Be sure to visit the beach during the morning since the tides get bigger during the afternoon. You cannot leave Zante without experiencing this iconic destination!




Makris Gialos

Location: North Zante
Activites: Swiming, relaxing beach

This beach looks like something right out of a postcard. It is a “must” visit during the holiday season. From the moment you arrive, you will be thrilled by all the amazing sights. The coast road that leads to the beach is an attraction itself since it aids in showcasing the beach’s wide variety of serene sand and pebbles. Makris Gialos has no shortage of breathtaking landscapes that look deceptively like the beaches in the Caribbean.

The sea is gorgeous and translucent with its abundant aquatic life like the ichthyic flora and fauna being able to be viewed even from a distance. Snorkeling enthusiasts will definitely appreciate the coast, which consists of a series of immaculately colorful underwater caves. You may even spend a few days here since there’s a whole world of tunnels, coral, and starfish under the sea waiting to be explored. Refreshment areas and scenic venues are nearby, making this beach well worth the visit!