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Why you need to attend the VVIP Boat Party

VVIP boat party – Zante 2018

Sun, sea and sexy people – what more could you ask for from your summer holiday? How
about an event that combines all three? When you’re over in Zante this summer there’s one
thing that you absolutely need to do…
Introducing… the world renowned VVIP Boat Party. This is the biggest and most popular
cruise on the entire island. We go every year and it still blows our minds – trust us, you
won’t want to miss out.

This is not your typical booze cruise with the cheap drinks, forced fun and lingering smell of
bleach from where some little bottle job was sick on a previous trip. VVIP couldn’t be
further from that. Its luxury all the way, right from the word go.

As soon as you see the magnificent three story super yacht, Ikarus Palace, you’ll be
guaranteed to get that party feeling. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a champagne
and cocktail reception to welcome you on board. Then it’s off on a stunning sunset cruise
accompanied by banging tunes from some of Europe’s top DJs.

It’s hard to describe the atmosphere when you’re out at sea, dancing with loads of other
beautiful people, taking in the incredible sights and sipping on some delicious drinks. It
brings out a special energy that you really have to experience for yourself. It’s enough to get
you feeling romantic, but remember, what happens out on the water, stays out there!
You’ll also get to enjoy a stop off at a private beach where you can hop off the boat and go
for a little bit of exploring around the amazing scenery.

At this point you will be feeling like a real P Diddy level of VIP. It’s a proper taste of the high
life and you’ll never be the same afterwards.

All of this is just £50 and you can book right now on feelsummer.com by making a £15
deposit and paying the rest before the day of the event. All tickets sold out last year and if
you leave it too late it can be hard to get a spot.

So take our advice – get you and your mates together, pick a day and reserve your place.
Then all you need to do is get your sexy swimwear ready and eat a few salads in

Summer will be here before you know it, so get planning your trip and make sure you do
Zante the right way with a VVIP experience!


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